concrete finishes


At Flowing Stone Concrete Design we specialise in the use of glass fibre reinforced concrete. Instead of the traditional steel, fibres are used along with additional admixes to produce lighter, stronger concrete which can be cast to almost any shape or form.

Advantages of Concrete


As each piece is individually hand crafted the natural variations in colour and finish and the imperfections that occur during this process gives each piece its own natural organic beauty.


Using different colours, finish and aggregates we offer every client a product that is thoughtfully hand crafted and totally unique. Whether it is a custom concrete basin, fire table, bench top, fire surround or other creation.

Almost any colour can be produced by adding different colour oxides in varying amounts to the base cement colour.


To truly customise your project, you can specify glass, stone, metal, shell or other products to be added to make your creation even more unique.

See examples of our finishes.

Caring for your concrete design

Like all materials, concrete does have limitations and requires some care to keep it looking its best. For some people, other options may be a better choice but with a little care and attention, you can own unique original piece that will look great for many years.


Concrete behaves like natural stone and is susceptible to staining. To address this, we use a variety of different sealants depending on use, to protect the surface. Prevention is the best safeguard and spills should be wiped up as they occur.


It is possible to scratch the sealer if objects are dragged across it. This can be avoided by using placemats or similar.