concrete outdoor furniture 2


How much does it cost?

As each piece is unique and varies in size, colour, thickness and finish, the price varies accordingly. The best option is to contact us with your plans or ideas for a free quote.

How thick can it be?

Almost any thickness can be catered for. Bench tops range from 35 mm through to 100 mm plus. Wall panels can start at 12 mm for a fine sand finish, and hearths and other pieces can be of almost unlimited thickness.

Will it stain?

All our creations are sealed to help protect from staining. However, no product is truly stain proof. To help prevent stains occurring, spills should be wiped up as they occur.

Will concrete chip or crack?

Concrete is a rigid material and if impacted with a heavy object, concrete can chip like any other stone surface. Normally a repair can be easily undertaken. While very rare, hairline cracks may occur, usually due to movement of underlying structures.

Can I cut directly onto concrete?

No. Always use a chopping board to avoid damaging the sealer, the concrete and your expensive knives.

Can I put a hotpot directly on concrete?

No. Always use a place-mat or similar to protect your concrete from thermal shock and to protect the sealer on your concrete.

For any other questions please contact us.